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Dhruv Maheshwari

Dhruv’s Journey – From Learning Abacus to Becoming ” The Cyber Expert “

Dhruv’s journey in education started at the age of 7 when he started to learn HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python and Games development. This was the starting of many achievements that he was to get and many records he was to make and break. So talented was this boy that accolades started coming his way from a very young age.
It was his mother who introduced him to the joys of Abacus, an ancient mathematical technique for doing mathematical calculations.  This opened many doors for Dhruv.

He trained diligently and very hard to master Abacus and understand its nitty-gritties; first from his mother and then by himself with his mom’s help. This was a very difficult phase for there were no centers for learning Abacus in Scotland. Without any educational help, it was only the guidance of his mother and his patient dedication and hard work that made him a master of Abacus. He became Dhruv Maheshwari–a 10 year old genius and a human calculator.At that time his mother, Dr. Rashmi Mantri, was working in IT at Glasgow. She found the job very enjoyable since it involved helping young people achieve their dreams and goals; an area which held great interest for her.

After teaching Abacus to her son she realized that it had brought a positive change in his development and the development of his inherent skills in several ways. While she was aware of the great benefits of Abacus her work as a University teacher did not give her spare time to pursue it.
By the time Dhruv turned 9, he had already decided to start his YouTube channel to show to the world that with the right grit, determination and patience everything is possible. He posted a video showcasing the Abacus method of doing mathematical calculations within 3 months. It went on to garner 10,000 views. This reaction was unexpected and realizing the sheer number of people who were interested in their kids learning Abacus simply blew him.

He saw a business opportunity in the same and decided to seek his parent’s permission to start his company and introduce others to the advantages of Abacus. He discussed his business plan with his parents who were shocked to see his motivation and drive to teach Abacus. He wanted to create an institution wherein he could teach Abacus, hold Coding and English classes and run Summer and Easter boot camps.

So fascinated were his parents that his mother decided to leave her high-paying, much in demand job to pursue her son’s dream. They started off by opening a small center in Firhill on the western end of Glasgow. Starting off with Abacus classes they garnered about 100 kids within a few months. So successful was their effort that within a year they opened up another center on the southern side of Glasgow followed by one in Edinburgh.

He them came up with the idea of holding online classes so that he could teach and propagate this method worldwide. He achieved all this by the age of 12 and the next 2 years saw him getting worldwide recognition by:
Today running math and coding classes has become a hobby. His YouTube channel has been solely made for educational purposes. Kids and even parents come from all across Scotland just to learn this method from Dhruv Maheswari.

10 Years Old Human Calculator

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